08 May

So many people have no idea what God has said about loving each other. the reason they do not know it's because they've never opened the Bible. That was true of my own family.  I remember that our family had a large beautiful Bible  but no one ever read it. I remember one day picking it up and looking at the beautiful drawings. I tried to read some portion of it but could not understand it. I closed it up and I never looked at it again. I asked people now do they believe the Bible is the Word of God. Ninety per cent say yes. When I asked them have they ever read it they admit that they never have. When we stand before God Almighty we will not be able to say we did not have the opportunity to know your Word. Perhaps, this is the best time of your life to open your Bible and read it, believe it and obey it.  Click    the  Link    below     to    listen:

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