08 Apr

Mas o Menos    More or Less

There are many expression in Spanish. Some I really like. Some I really don't like. I like the way Mexicans address their children. Many times a parent would  address their child by calling them “ Mi amor”, my love. "Mi vida", my life. Another is the way they address is elderly man, “joven”, young man. You know you're getting old when the man at the gas station calls you “joven”.  It Is a great compliment. But but some sayings things I don't like is “manana”, maybe tomorrow or maybe next week or maybe never! Another is “Si, Dios quiere”. If God wants! I believe that there is a saying that even God does it like used in reference to him. That is  “Mas o menos”.  More or less.   Click   on   the  Link   below  to  Listen  it:


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